July 9, 2008

Fun on the Weekends

Its been awhile since I posted. This is because I have been busy travelin and stuff.

The last weekend of June the 27-29 My mom and I decided to go and visit my lil bro in Vegas. My sister and my adorable nephew went with us. It was so much fun and it had been a long time since we had seen Tom my bro. It was great we got to see his house and spend some time with him and Britney and see all the cutie baby things they have. (the little dude should be born any day now) We helped them set up the crib and we swam in the pool. It was a very chillax weekend.

These are my fav. firworks of all time. Image courtesy of google :)
Last weekend on Thursday, my dad and I headed up to Lava Hot Springs Idaho for a family reunion. I was dreading this but with the encouragement *ahem guilt* given to me by my cousin I decided to go. Boy was it fun. On Friday morning we went to the Lions club breakfast in Soda Springs, they had a parade and fun at the park afterwards. When we were done with all the fun there we went back to Lava and changed into our swimming suits. The river there had rapids and we rented tubes and rode the river. IT.WAS.A.BLAST!!!! The whole trip was worth it for this. Later that evening we went back down to Lava and watched the fireworks. The next day we played games and hung out it was a nice relaxing day.

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Terralee said...

guilt!!!! I'm hurt! Just kidding! I guess there was a little and I mean little guilt. but hey you had fun! Plus it was great to spend time with you! Love you!