August 27, 2010

The happenings

I have been busy-this includes a few activities and a job change of sorts.

1-I went to Denver to visit my dear friend Amanda in July. It was such a blast and I miss that girl so much. Amanda, please move back!
2. I got to scratch something off of my bucket list. My company did a service project with Habitat for Humanity. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I also was able to get power tool certified that day.
3. I took my adorable nephew on a date. We had a blast. Don't tell him, but another date is in the works.

My job change hasn't been a huge change. I just have added responsibility, which has kept me super busy. It has only been 1 week, so I am sure it will get even busier as time goes on.

July 19, 2010

Count them one by one...

*The Gospel*Laughing*My Mom*
*My Dad*Sunsets*The Beach*Good Health*
*Reagan*The Book of Mormon*Joseph Smith*
*My Calling*Watson*Amanda*Healing*
*Swing Sets*Shannon*Devin*Churros*
*The Ability to Read*My Job*Tradition*
*My House*Diet Coke*PePe*My Bishopric*
*Emily*Rainstorms*Dani*Clorox Wipes*
*My Bed*College Football*Jen*Movies*
*Ice Cream*James*Organization*
*My Counselors*Kites*Thunderstorms*
*My Testimony*Love*TV*Barnes and Noble*
*Pier1*Chris*Trials*Service*My Mission*
*Heartache*Dreams*Goals*Pina Coladas*
*Baby Animals*Hugs*Rainbows*Potato Chips*
*Bonuses*Answers to Prayers*Brittney*My Duck Pen*
*My Eyes*Travel*Purses*Parks*Knowledge*
*Thomas S. Monson*Learning*Roller Coasters*
*Electricity**Indoor Plumbing*Family*Friends*
*Stories*Love Letters*Hope*The Atonement*
*Temples*Eternal Life*Air Conditioning*Saturday's*
*Cherries*The Love of the Lord*The Holy Ghost*
*Support of Others*Air Conditioning*Chocolate*Music*
*Peace*My Relationship with the Savior*

And it will surprise you what the lord has done.

July 15, 2010

One of those days

Do you ever have those days? The ones that you know are coming. They loom in the future, and you do everything you can to stop their fast approach. Ones that you know will change the way you feel about things, people, and the future. In one instance the wind can be knocked out of you, and in the next you can feel liberated. It's heart breaking and healing all at the same time. Today I am having one of those days. Goodbye past...Hello future.

July 13, 2010

Pretty much I suck, but what's new?

I am not even going to try to come up with an excuse as to why I haven't blogged. You'll just have to trust me that there is a good reason. Ok, so maybe there isn't one, and I don't have time make one up.

So I recently reentered the dating scene. Thanks to a good friend and her inter-friend-tion. Let me tell you, it's a jungle out there. Seriously, what are some people thinking. I have some pointers for making your online dating website profile. (yes, I gave in and joined an online dating website...I could give you a plethora of reason why, but for now lets just stick the fact I did it, and leave our judging at home)
  • When choosing a screen name please pick something appropriate. Ladykiller, Iwannawoman, and gunnagetya are not appropriate. I can promise you that I will never even look at a guy whose name is ladykiller.
  • When choosing a profile picture please pick a good photo. A good photo is something that is not older than 2 years. Do not post your senior picture from high school up, especially if you are 31. Do not put up a picture of you with a bunch of other women. Do not put a picture of you sleeping on the couch.
  • When writing in the about me section, please spell all words correctly. It should go write, proof read, rewrite, and then post.
  • Upon the first meeting ie: chatting, do not, I repeat DO NOT ask the other person's bra size. If they refuse to tell you, do not proceed to guess.
  • When you finally get to the point of setting up a date. Arrive on time. Do not arrive an hour late. Actually for all dates-arrive on time!
  • Keep all weird body tricks to yourself. I don't care that you can touch your head with your foot and I really don't want to see it.
  • Don't expect to meet your soul mate within the first week. It won't happen. Especially if you tell said soul mate, they are your soul mate during the first 3o minutes of your date.
  • Try to have fun. Key word is try. :)

June 16, 2010

It's like a bad train wreck... I have to watch

So at the end of the last season of the Bachelor with Jake, I made a promise. This promise was simple-I would no longer waste my time or brain cells with this stupid show. I was doing really well in keeping this promise, until 2 weeks into this seasons Bachelorette with Ali.
I hate her. I really do. She annoys me to no end. She keeps loser guys, has bad extensions, and the worst fake laugh I have ever heard. Seriously it's like hyena with a cold, and I want to smack her. Who knew I had such a violent personality.

Last night I had the unfortunate experience of watching this with my mom. It was great to spend some quality time with mom. But, I wish we would have been doing something a little more productive like playing Yahtzee.

I have a few comments regarding this last episode.

1. Who does weatherman think he is? Lurking in the background. Look little gay man. Come to terms with who you are and stop being a freak. Good luck getting a date after this show, now the whole world (note-I sometimes exaggerate) knows you are freaky. P.S. I don't care what forecast you say, it will never ever be hot where you are, just saying.

2. Ali I am sorry that you were sick. But, please don't kiss boys when you are on your dying on your bed. Let them give you a little peck on the cheek and then send them on their way. Nobody wants to see you get your "mack" on while you are on your death bed. I question the sanity of the boys that actually kissed you while you were sick.

3. Dude, who got a tattoo. I do believe the psych ward has an opening in room 9. Don't walk, run there. You need all the help you can get. I understand you were trying to "prove your commitment" to her but in my opinion (which is obviously the only right one-look it's my blog alright) permanent ink should wait until you are actually paying for dates yourself instead of mooching off of ABC. I have read reality Steve, and I know you don't last until the end. What are you going to do with that tat? Pretend you did it for the next girl you date, I am sure she will love the shield that is protecting Ali's er I mean her heart. I think she'll know what really happened.

4. Rated R. You creep me out. We all know you are up to something. Do you just moonlight as a wrestler or is that really your job?

I am sad to report that I will be most likely, who am I kidding, I will be watching next weeks episode. Do you watch this show? What do you think or this season?

June 14, 2010

Man oh man...

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating cookies. I would probably join him.
Am I the only one that thinks a little scruff is sexy?

April 28, 2010


I am ex.haust.ed!!
The end!

April 27, 2010

All in all it was a success

Vegas was awesome!!! Day 1- I got my pina colada, and a salad that changed my life for the better. My room got upgraded to a room with a view for free. I think he just told me that to make me feel special, and you know what it worked. Because of that I spent a whole 10 min longer than I normally would have looking at the swimmers. I was wishing I was brave enough to bare my white white skin and winter body.

Day 2- Had rehearsal and was serenaded (does it count as serenading if its rap?) the unknown songs of Sir Mix A lot, by the teleprompter guy. Saw the battle of passed out drunk man vs. door. The final score was Door-1, Man-0. I realized that most men that go to club TAO have forgotten what decade it is, and that in 2010 it is not socially acceptable to wear your shirt 3/4 of the way unbuttoned. Likewise, most girls who attend club TAO got ripped off when buying their dresses. Most of them were in over sized shirts. Finally got some gelato; it was heavenly!

Day 3- Got up at o'dark thirty for a 5K. Who plans a 5K at 6 am? Saw the runners take off and then had security drive me to McDonald's to get a diet coke. It. Was. Awesome! From there we had oh about 10 min to change into our suits and head over to the event. Hung out back stage for many many hours without sufficient food. Luckily, our security guys rock and they kept me entertained and supplied with diet coke. After the sessions ended (2 hours late) we went to some parties. One in the Paris, we tried to go to one in Planet Hollywood, but it was canceled. We then headed to the Palazzo, this party was my fav. The suite there rocked. One day when I am a millionaire (cough don't hold your breathe cough cough) I would like to throw soiree's for my friends there. We ended the night at Bally's.

Day 4- Barely made my flight, sat next to teleprompter guy, who kept me entertained the whole way home. Rushed to church and was there for the remainder of the day.

I am still trying to catch up, but tomorrow I will write a more entertaining post (cough don't count on it cough cough).

April 21, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

I am getting ready to go sin city for work.
I leave tomorrow morning; return on Sunday. I hope I am able to find some time for a little fun.

My list of goals are:
1. To not get married, but if I do to have an attorney who will be able to pull off a 24 hr annulment. (I kid, I kid)
2. To not get a tattoo-This is not really a temptation, I needed an easy goal.
3. To meet Elvis- Maybe he can officiate at the wedding. (see #1)
4. To drink a virgin pina colada from the Bellagio-They are the best, I am not lying.
5. Maybe find myself a pirate man at the Treasure Island show (See #1).
6. I am sure there are many more, but I don't have time to think of them right now.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

April 16, 2010

Just know prayers are answered

There are many people I pray for. Who do you pray for?

April 15, 2010

I hate being a girl and other random facts

1. I seriously hate being a girl. I hate PMSing, although I love the chocolate and french fries that come with it. I will be having a chat with Eve about all this.

2. I haven't had to speak in sacrament meeting for 3 almost 4 years. It has been a good run and will be coming to an end on Sunday. I already have sweaty palms and shaky knees.

3. I LOVE Lady Gaga...Well her music. The music videos on the other hand are a bit much. I would really like to know what she said to Beyonce to get her to agree to be in one.

4. I am in a fight with Del Taco because of their cheesecake bites, and french fries (see #1) and diet coke and tacos ok because of everything they have. I may or may not have had lunch there a few times this week. Curse you Del Taco.

5. I really wish the construct would end by my house. I am sick of the workers staring at me and then "whispering" about me in Spanish. Umm hello, that is not a whisper and I speak Spanish so please just tell me I am pretty and we can move on.

6. I can't think of any other random facts, and I have a meeting to go to. Have a lovely day!

April 14, 2010

The man of my house

Meet Watson

Yeah, I am pretty much in love with him.

April 13, 2010

I am really not dead

But, I am the worst blogger in the world. I have gone 2 months without a post. There is a reason though (yes, I have to make excuses...justification makes me feel better). Please rest assured I have not, I repeat I have NOT been visited by Cupid.

I moved into my new house the end of January. I went to my new ward for the first time on Feb 7. Two weeks later I went to Mexico City (for work, not fun...although it was fun). The day after I got home I got a call from the executive secretary of my ward, he asked me to come in and meet with the bishop that Wednesday. I went thinking it was going to be another get to know you interview and that I would possibly get a calling, something like ward program maker. I was right I was getting a calling, but it wasn't ward program maker. It was the Relief Society President. Yes, you read that right. I think my exact response was "You're joking, right?" Three weeks after moving into a new ward I was called as the RS Pres. It has been a challenge and a testimony building opportunity. One of the hardest things I had to do was call counselors from a ward where I literally knew no one. I guess RS Pres is a pretty busy calling...yes I am that naive. It is also greatly rewarding, I am surprised at how quickly I have come to love it. I finally feel like I have a handle on things now. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I love you all, my blogging buddies (are there any of you left?)

For those of you who don't understand anything in this you can learn more about my church by going here.

February 11, 2010

A big warm hug

Oh how I wish that I had a Valentine this year so I could get this:
The Hoodie Footie

Apparently it is made of "marshmallow soft fleece".
Oh those marketers know how to speak to my soul.
I might just break down and get it for myself.
You can watch the commercial and learn of the
greatness of the Hoodie Footie by going here.

P.S. I would never buy this. :)

February 4, 2010

My Doppelganger

So apparently on Facebook it's "doppelganger" week (it has been going on for a few weeks now). I have a few concerns about this.

1. People think they are way hotter than they really are. Come on, did someone really say you look like Angelina Jolie? I don't see it especially with you being blonde and having brown eyes.

2. I haven't really had anyone tell me that I look like anyone. Of course family members, but they are obligated to. Also, I don't believe said family members.

3. After feeling sad that I could not participate in such a momentous occasion on Facebook, I went on a search for my doppelganger. Thanks to the lovely Reagan, I now have one.

February 1, 2010

I need a vacation

I am thinking of going on a trip for my birthday. It's not for 6 weeks but I want to be prepared and have something to look forward to. The only problem is that with my recent purchase that will take 30 years to pay off, I don't want to spend a lot of moo-la.

I am thinking maybe I will go see Wicked somewhere. I can only find it in San Fran (a city which I love) and NY (this city also has a special place in my heart). However I am asking for suggestions.
Where should I go?

Muchas Gracias!

January 29, 2010

One of those days....

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing you do ever seems right. Like you are a little off your game. Not too much, just a tad. You feel weird and all you want to do is crawl back into your 600 count sheets and start over.

You do? Me too, today.

Have a great weekend!

January 28, 2010

I am back....

I did not forget about my blog. I have just been super busy lately. Here is the 411 on what has been going on with me.

1. Building this:2. Moving into my new house.
3. Meeting:
(that's a boy)
4. Don't get too excited about #3 its just a friend thing.
5. Hanging with:

I will be back with a real post later, maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow.

I have missed you, my blogging buddies.