February 11, 2010

A big warm hug

Oh how I wish that I had a Valentine this year so I could get this:
The Hoodie Footie

Apparently it is made of "marshmallow soft fleece".
Oh those marketers know how to speak to my soul.
I might just break down and get it for myself.
You can watch the commercial and learn of the
greatness of the Hoodie Footie by going here.

P.S. I would never buy this. :)

February 4, 2010

My Doppelganger

So apparently on Facebook it's "doppelganger" week (it has been going on for a few weeks now). I have a few concerns about this.

1. People think they are way hotter than they really are. Come on, did someone really say you look like Angelina Jolie? I don't see it especially with you being blonde and having brown eyes.

2. I haven't really had anyone tell me that I look like anyone. Of course family members, but they are obligated to. Also, I don't believe said family members.

3. After feeling sad that I could not participate in such a momentous occasion on Facebook, I went on a search for my doppelganger. Thanks to the lovely Reagan, I now have one.

February 1, 2010

I need a vacation

I am thinking of going on a trip for my birthday. It's not for 6 weeks but I want to be prepared and have something to look forward to. The only problem is that with my recent purchase that will take 30 years to pay off, I don't want to spend a lot of moo-la.

I am thinking maybe I will go see Wicked somewhere. I can only find it in San Fran (a city which I love) and NY (this city also has a special place in my heart). However I am asking for suggestions.
Where should I go?

Muchas Gracias!