December 16, 2008

Tis the season

Wow Josh and I have done some really fun things this holiday season and I thought I would share with you.
  • We went to see Savior of the World- ok so I posted about this already but it was amazing, even if we lost each other for the first half.
  • We went and saw the Christmas lights with Josh's family. Very fun. Does anyone know where the temple gets the luminaries? I would like to have some like that. We went a few days after Thanksgiving and it wasn't that cold. It was perfect!
  • The Forgotten Carols. It was my first time going to see them, I really would like to make this a tradition. The music was so beautiful. Michael McClean is so talented.
  • Last Saturday we went on a wagon ride through the Thanksgiving point Holiday lights display. This only cost $3 a person and was so fun. You can rent a private carriage for $30 a person or go in a wagon pulled by Clydesdale's for the $3. Also if you are afraid of the cold then you can drive through it.
I still want to go and see the Nutcracker. Does anyone know where this is playing? It doesn't have to be a professional dance company.

It was all a lie

Remember this post? Although I didn't say it I was thinking ah how lucky I am to have found a place where I can stay until I get married. Umm that was wrong. Because I have moved again. Not what I wanted to, but what needed to be done. This time though I can say I wont move until I am married. (Dear Universe, Please don't make me be a big liar. Sincerely, Steph)

December 3, 2008

Maybe heaven

This is where I will be for the rest of the week. Eat your heart out! See you all Monday

P.S. don't feel too bad its for work