February 4, 2010

My Doppelganger

So apparently on Facebook it's "doppelganger" week (it has been going on for a few weeks now). I have a few concerns about this.

1. People think they are way hotter than they really are. Come on, did someone really say you look like Angelina Jolie? I don't see it especially with you being blonde and having brown eyes.

2. I haven't really had anyone tell me that I look like anyone. Of course family members, but they are obligated to. Also, I don't believe said family members.

3. After feeling sad that I could not participate in such a momentous occasion on Facebook, I went on a search for my doppelganger. Thanks to the lovely Reagan, I now have one.


Kristina P. said...

Ummmm, it was me that posted Angelina. And seriously, I look just like her. I get mistaken for her everyday. I can't believe you wouldn't believe me!! Sob.

Terralee said...

Hmmm, I would tend to believe steph but then again I've never seen the angelina look alike.

Stephanie said...

Kristina, of course I wasn't talking about you. You could be her twin. In fact I could have sworn I saw her trying to look like you on the cover of people magazine. :)