April 27, 2010

All in all it was a success

Vegas was awesome!!! Day 1- I got my pina colada, and a salad that changed my life for the better. My room got upgraded to a room with a view for free. I think he just told me that to make me feel special, and you know what it worked. Because of that I spent a whole 10 min longer than I normally would have looking at the swimmers. I was wishing I was brave enough to bare my white white skin and winter body.

Day 2- Had rehearsal and was serenaded (does it count as serenading if its rap?) the unknown songs of Sir Mix A lot, by the teleprompter guy. Saw the battle of passed out drunk man vs. door. The final score was Door-1, Man-0. I realized that most men that go to club TAO have forgotten what decade it is, and that in 2010 it is not socially acceptable to wear your shirt 3/4 of the way unbuttoned. Likewise, most girls who attend club TAO got ripped off when buying their dresses. Most of them were in over sized shirts. Finally got some gelato; it was heavenly!

Day 3- Got up at o'dark thirty for a 5K. Who plans a 5K at 6 am? Saw the runners take off and then had security drive me to McDonald's to get a diet coke. It. Was. Awesome! From there we had oh about 10 min to change into our suits and head over to the event. Hung out back stage for many many hours without sufficient food. Luckily, our security guys rock and they kept me entertained and supplied with diet coke. After the sessions ended (2 hours late) we went to some parties. One in the Paris, we tried to go to one in Planet Hollywood, but it was canceled. We then headed to the Palazzo, this party was my fav. The suite there rocked. One day when I am a millionaire (cough don't hold your breathe cough cough) I would like to throw soiree's for my friends there. We ended the night at Bally's.

Day 4- Barely made my flight, sat next to teleprompter guy, who kept me entertained the whole way home. Rushed to church and was there for the remainder of the day.

I am still trying to catch up, but tomorrow I will write a more entertaining post (cough don't count on it cough cough).


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

This is a much better experience than my two trips for work in Vegas and so much funnier said! Just curious, is teleprompter guy "DW?"

I'm going to order a pina colada next time I'm in the Bellagio.

Stephanie said...

Kelsey...no DW was not the teleprompter guy. Although he is equally entertaining.

How are you? I miss you. When are you coming in to town next?

Terralee said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip (cough you totally suck cough cough)! Amor tu (totally don't know if that's right)!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I'm heading to Utah this summer for a family reunion. And going to visit Kristin for a couple a days 1st week in August. Would be fun to visit, maybe do lunch?