April 15, 2010

I hate being a girl and other random facts

1. I seriously hate being a girl. I hate PMSing, although I love the chocolate and french fries that come with it. I will be having a chat with Eve about all this.

2. I haven't had to speak in sacrament meeting for 3 almost 4 years. It has been a good run and will be coming to an end on Sunday. I already have sweaty palms and shaky knees.

3. I LOVE Lady Gaga...Well her music. The music videos on the other hand are a bit much. I would really like to know what she said to Beyonce to get her to agree to be in one.

4. I am in a fight with Del Taco because of their cheesecake bites, and french fries (see #1) and diet coke and tacos ok because of everything they have. I may or may not have had lunch there a few times this week. Curse you Del Taco.

5. I really wish the construct would end by my house. I am sick of the workers staring at me and then "whispering" about me in Spanish. Umm hello, that is not a whisper and I speak Spanish so please just tell me I am pretty and we can move on.

6. I can't think of any other random facts, and I have a meeting to go to. Have a lovely day!


{The Smyth's} said...

My favorite was 5 -- You should call them out in spanish -- that would be CLASSIC!!!

Rebecca said...

Stef, I'm so glad you've returned to blogging--I have missed reading your perspective of the world. Don't worry about Sunday; you will do great...and, just so you know, I totally have puppy envy. I will puppysit whenever you need me to. :)

Brandon said...

My favorite thing about Lady Gaga that makes me feel better about liking her music is the fact she advocates celibacy and if you chose to be sexually active to be safe and smart about it... First and foremeost she told young girls that she herself is celibate and that there isn't anything wrong with that. <3 her...