July 19, 2010

Count them one by one...

*The Gospel*Laughing*My Mom*
*My Dad*Sunsets*The Beach*Good Health*
*Reagan*The Book of Mormon*Joseph Smith*
*My Calling*Watson*Amanda*Healing*
*Swing Sets*Shannon*Devin*Churros*
*The Ability to Read*My Job*Tradition*
*My House*Diet Coke*PePe*My Bishopric*
*Emily*Rainstorms*Dani*Clorox Wipes*
*My Bed*College Football*Jen*Movies*
*Ice Cream*James*Organization*
*My Counselors*Kites*Thunderstorms*
*My Testimony*Love*TV*Barnes and Noble*
*Pier1*Chris*Trials*Service*My Mission*
*Heartache*Dreams*Goals*Pina Coladas*
*Baby Animals*Hugs*Rainbows*Potato Chips*
*Bonuses*Answers to Prayers*Brittney*My Duck Pen*
*My Eyes*Travel*Purses*Parks*Knowledge*
*Thomas S. Monson*Learning*Roller Coasters*
*Electricity**Indoor Plumbing*Family*Friends*
*Stories*Love Letters*Hope*The Atonement*
*Temples*Eternal Life*Air Conditioning*Saturday's*
*Cherries*The Love of the Lord*The Holy Ghost*
*Support of Others*Air Conditioning*Chocolate*Music*
*Peace*My Relationship with the Savior*

And it will surprise you what the lord has done.


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Amen sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did this, too! (although I'm secretly sad that I didn't make your list, I'm secure in our friendship)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am there! That just makes my day! I feel so blessed to call you my friend. I just love you!