July 15, 2010

One of those days

Do you ever have those days? The ones that you know are coming. They loom in the future, and you do everything you can to stop their fast approach. Ones that you know will change the way you feel about things, people, and the future. In one instance the wind can be knocked out of you, and in the next you can feel liberated. It's heart breaking and healing all at the same time. Today I am having one of those days. Goodbye past...Hello future.


Reagan said...

I am getting you a pinata with his face attached. :) we can loom it from the ceiling beams and let you have at it. :) that is what I see in your future...and then CANDY for everyone!!!! wohoooo!

Anonymous said...

I am with Reagan! Besides I do love my candy :) Just remember the best in life comes from the hardest of trials! Love you Steph!!!