January 26, 2009

What's after admittance?

Hi my name is Stephanie, I am addicted to coke
I have to have one everyday and on especially bad days which I now call "fountain coke days" I have to go to the gas station close to my office. I have noticed that every day has become a "fountain coke day"
I know this is bad for my health but I don't think I really want to stop.

Proof of my addiction
P.S. Don't judge admittance is the first step.


Kristina P. said...

I gave up the Diet Coke. I usually do OK when I do this, but I have been having some wicked cravings lately!!

Amanda Sue said...

I heart that you posted about this, because NO LIE I have a draft that I was going to finish today about Cherry Coke! Oh how I miss you!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Question: am I partially responsible for setting the bad example?

I miss Maverick. There were some days I went twice.

Is it as bad if you do 1/2 Coke, 1/2 Diet? I love Diet with a splash of lemonade or Cherry Coke. Maverick carries a wonderful variety of happy juice. It's okay, besides, everybody's doing it.

Reagan said...

thanks for outting me....i was in the closet about my addiction, but I guess I must come out....lol and who is that majorly creepy guy in the background. what a creeeeep. lol

Keli said...

I actually gave up Diet Coke. But then I started drinking the full strength stuff. I lost a few pounds, weird, and I love the taste. So, so, so very much.

So I'm with ya. And fountain cokes are the bestest!