October 28, 2009

I survived....barely

Every year my work has an annual convention for our distributors. It always takes place in the fall, and is always a lot of work. This blessed event took place last week. It was fun but busy. I am happy to report that I survived yet another year. This year we had a pajama dance party where the B52's performed. Yes, I did get to meet them (it was very brief). Our guest speaker was Chris Gardner, the guy from the movie Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith played him). He was probably the best motivational speaker I have ever heard. We launched our charity and were able to raise several thousand dollars and partnered with Operation Smile. I could have done with out the 5 am 5K, but it was for charity. I have committed to run it next year. All in all it was a very successful event with 10,000 very happy distributors, and many tired employees.

At the beginning of last week (before the start of convention) I started getting sick. I was sick the whole week (during convention). Finally on Monday after sleeping the whole day I went to the doctor. Apparently I have a sinus infection that has settled in my chest and into the bones in my sinus cavity. I have been out of work all week, and it has sucked. I have become great friends with my bed, since I have no energy to do anything but lay there. I will be returning to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

As soon as I find my barrings, I will write a real post. Thanks for being so understanding and great.


Shabna said...

Awww being sick is awful. I prefer laying on my sofa so i have my Tv, Wii and laptop within reach. Good luck with work and your blog is ADORABLE btw ;D
check out my blog if you have time?

Rebecca said...

Stef, I am sorry you have been so sick--but I am glad we all survived Convention. I think it was the best one yet with the best keynote speaker yet--and we raised tons of money for Operation Smile =). Feel better soon!

reagan: said...

i am soooooooooooo glad you are back! I missed you over the half wall. and as for surviving convention YES WE DID! woooooot!

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Kelsey K. Hartley said...

If the end result is you in bed for a week I'd say it sounds like you barely survived--pobrecita! It always boils down to this: so much to do and never enough time to do it. Hope you feel better soon!