April 29, 2008

Best Buddies Day!

So every year for the last few years my work has participated in the Best Buddies program by hosting a Best Buddies day. Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities. There are over 1,300 chapters of this organization. A local high school, Kearns High (this is where I went to school) has a chapter. Each year it is those students who make the trek out to Lehi to brighten our day.
When presented with the opportunity to participate today I jumped at it.
The agenda was as follows:
9:00 am - employees gather in lobby
9:30 am- Best Buddies arrive
9:30-10:30 am - Welcome Message from XanGo pres. Kent Wood, arrival of Leo the Lion of the Salt Lake Real, pictures.
10:30-11:15 am - Tour of building and work space
11:15-12:00 Pizza Party in the break room
12:30- 1:20 pm- 3D movie: Dinosaur Alive
1:30 pm- Best Buddies return to school

My little Buddy was Jose (I shared him with Erin Curran) He was such a sweet kid. He has four names and was proud of that, he said that his brothers called him Chewy and that we were able to as well. He is a senior this year and looking forward to graduation in about a month. He was quick to tell us that all girls are pretty and then as the day progressed he would tell us all girls are pretty especially you two. Wouldn't it be nice if all people thought like that. He loves to sing. He made mention that his brothers tell him that he doesnt sing well, and then he would proceed to bust out Shaggy's, Angel and ask us what we thought. I think he serenaded about half of the employees today. He loved the movie what he saw of it he fell asleep about half way through but was woken up when the dinosaurs fought. He let me know it scared him. Life doesnt get much better than that. I am so grateful that I was able to hang out with some of the Lords elect today. I love the company that I work for between what we give to Operation Kids and Best Buddies day, I feel proud to say that I work there.

If you would like more information on the Best Buddies program click here.


Kalli Ko said...

yes, that was awesome. i'm so depressed i missed best buddies day.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I loved this post on our day with Best Buddies.
And I really like your new layout!

Reagan said...

That is so neat! I am glad you had a good time!

Reagan said...

That is so neat! I am glad you had a good time!

Shannon said...

I love that last picture - classic!!! That was so fun to meet them.