April 3, 2008

I'm ticked!

I have turned into my mother. I use to hate it when she would get mad at me for not keeping the house clean and for making messes. I know understand her frustration.

I live in an apartment (only for a couple of more weeks) with 4 girls, there is really 5 but one is never ever there. Our apartment is never clean! I try and try and try. I clean about once a week, like really clean. Mop the floors, clean the counters, the microwave, etc. With in a couple of hours it is a total mess again. There are a couple of others who try as well, but lately it seems that they have given up. I have tried everything. I have gone on strike and only washed my dishes. I have cleaned really well and left a notes on our white board asking that they all try to keep it clean.

On Monday I went home from work early because I had a doctors appointment ( I have this horrible sinus infection) I decided to clean the house. I wasn't upset or anything. I realized that it needed to be done and I had a few minutes so I did it. I spent about 2 hours cleaning the house. When I was done I wrote a note again asking them to clean up their own messes that we all can do better, and to please respect each other.

I go to work on Tuesday morning and I come home to a mess. My roommate who doesn't have a job had her "friend" over and they cooked and left their pans on the stove, with food still in them. They left their plates in the living room, and the sink was full of dishes. I was a little annoyed because they left as I was walking in. I figured that they would come back and clean it up, so I left it. She came back and put the dishes from the living room in the sink. That is it. It was late, I was tired, I just went to bed. Yesterday when I came home, the mess was still there. I left and came home fairly late. I just went to bed as to not have to talk to my roommate who caused the mess.

This morning as I was leaving I noticed it was still there, I was really upset. I can't get mad at her, I can't tell her to clean up. I am not her mother, it is not my house, etc. I am so mad about it. I don't even want to go home and see her because I know she will be in the same spot that she has been for weeks on the couch with her blanket watching tv. I will just get madder as she has not done anything all day. All I want is to come home to somewhere where I can relax and feel like I am home. I think maybe I should move sooner.

Suggestions anyone?!?


Terralee said...

Well unfortunately that is life. People are messy, I've never lived with room mates besides Jason and he's as bad as me about keeping the place clean (ok not quite as bad). But I have a little girl that insists on having nothing put away specially lately! Drives me nuts! So I'm sorry hang in there at least you'll be moving soon. In that case why not get a little bossy like you'll be running into them tons! Love ya!

Reagan said...

Put a trough in the middle of the room and tell them if they want to live like pigs then they can be pigs...or just punch them in the faces. that way you get kicked out and no longer have to room with them! See? problem solved ;)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I've had so many roommates and similar situations. I've always hated dirty dishes.
You could:
1. Post a note above the sink that says, "Your Mother Doesn't Live Here--Must Clean Yourself."
2. Put all dirty dishes in a trash bag and leave it in their room. (actually did this one)
3. Do not let her use your personal dishes.
4. If there are an abundance of dishes in the cabinets then maybe some should go to D.I.
5. Keep doing them for her to avoid conflict and tell yourself it's "service."
Let me know how this turns out.

Erincita said...

Eeks, that's why I live alone. Hallelujah! Try it sometime. You're sure to like it!

Kaakun said...

As apparently the resident male reader... I'll offer my two cents on what I've always done.

1-Challenge them to a duel to the death if they don't clean up... I'm not going to lie... my Japanese heritage has saved me on multiple occasions.

2- get rid of the roommates and get married on a whim... actually this didn't quite work out.

3- live by yourself... though expensive the cooking in the nude is quite the experience... except when deep frying.

4- do not move into Reagan's eventual semi-finished basement... I SO CALLED DIBS first.