March 2, 2009

What an inspiration and Jason's a Jerk!

I am pretty sure that Molly Malaney from the Bachelor was inspired by this post on the Bachelor After the Final Rose. I think she had like 3 bumpits in. I am guessing she was trying to show Melissa who was boss. Kristina thank you for sharing with the world the wonders of the bumpit. I am going to order one or twelve right now!
*as promised, a picture.
P.S. Does anyone else think that Jason was a big fat JERK and should have maybe broken up with Melissa at home.


Kristina P. said...

I was thinking the exact same thing!

And I knew about the big finale. Reality Steve spoiled the ending a couple of weeks ago. Knowing what was going to happen, I kept punching Jason's face on the TV. What a jerk.

SUpposedly, he's been seeing Molly this whole time, and she's been in on it.

Reagan said...

hahahaha! Wow, so have you seen married with children? PEG? she has PEG hair...sick

Sarah said...

Oh Steph, I miss our Bachelor watching days!!

Shannon said...

oooh he made me mad!!! SUCH A JERK! Seriously why did he have to do it on TV, and like Melissa said, why didn't he try to fight for her and see if things could be worked out instead of backing out of the relationship and giving up without trying? Why did he propose to a girl right after he had such a hard time breaking it off with Molly? JERK FACE!

Terralee said...

I don't watch the Bachelor so I don't really know what that's all about but WHAT A JERK! Anyways the bumpit is hilarious, but I almost want to get on just cuz! Hey- I learned something new today!!