April 12, 2009

Oh how I love you...

*image by Liz Lemon Swindle - Found here.

So Easter is my favorite holiday. I know that is unusual, most people love Christmas or something. Now dont get me wrong I love the Christmas Holidays and all that they represent, and especially spending the time with my family. I do want to share a little bit about why I love Easter. Despite what you think it has nothing to do with a big bunny and a basket.

I have always loved Easter. I think that the candy is the best. Usually there is great weather, and fun activites who doesnt enjoy an easter egg hunt? I also love all that it represents, new life. This is symbolized with new flowers, baby animals etc.

I will never forget the first Easter I had on my mission. I was serving in an area that was a little upstate in New York, Middletown. We had an early morning ward council meeting. Every Sunday we had that meeting and like any other church meeting it was started with an opening hymn and prayer. That Sunday the song was, He is Risen. During that song the spirit testified to me that because of the Saviors resurrection, eternal life was possible. I always new that resurrection was important and it was a gift that we were all promised. But in those few moments my perspective was changed. I finally realized that it was more than important, resurrection is an essential part of the plan we have. It is as important as birth.
I was also struck with the knowledge that because of this I would be able to see and live with my family after death. I can't even describe the joy that brings me, as I miss members of my family that have passed on, everyday.

I am so grateful that our father in heaven loved us enough to send his son to pay the ultimate price. I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine the mess I would be in with out that. I know that no matter what, I am never alone. I always have someone who knows exactly how I am feeling and is willing to be there to support me and help me in times of trial. There is someone who loves me, regardless of the mistakes I make. I am grateful that because of the atonement and resurrection I will have the opportunity to live with my family forever. That is a gift beyond measure.

If you have questions about any of my beliefs click here.

I hope that you all have a very happy Easter!


Kristina P. said...

Beautiful testimony, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you're doing OK!

Sarah said...

Steph, you are amazing. I miss you so much. Your new blog is really cute too!! Love you!

Terralee said...

Awesome blog, I never really thought of how the resurrection is as important as our birth. Makes total sense though, thanks for sharing! :)