April 10, 2009

The wonders of the "O"

I thought that I would get a new outfit to wear on Easter Sunday. This is my favorite holiday of the year, and I wanted to look smashing. I found some treasure that I couldnt live without on overstock.com. I know there are many others looking for such treasures so I thought I would share. No stealing though these are mine, I saw them first!

1. Sterling Silver Moveable Toilet Necklace

I knew my jewelry collection was missing something. Now I know what it is. It is only $16.99 what an amazing deal for a timeless piece. I put a rush on it, I can't wait to show it off at church.

2. Betseyville Vivacious White Multi Shoes

I fell in love with these at first sight. With the colors and bows they go with EVERYTHING!

3. I couldnt decided between these two fabulous dresses, so I got them both!!
Bubble Hem Dress

This dress reminded me of a painting that the primary children would do. What better way to show my love for the savior than by wear the art of the little children.

Purple Retro Dress
The buckle straps say it all!

4. Kozmic Painted Roses Handbag

If you know me then you know I LOVE purses. These (yes I got both colors) were a must have for my collection.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. I can't wait to wear my new outfit to church. Too bad you're not in my ward, and won't be able to see me.

*I did not acutally buy any of these things. Are you kidding me?*


Kaakun said...

Do it SAPY!!!

I'll pitch in a dollar for Burt's bees wax if you do, to help pay for the lip balm from chapped lips due to all the dates you'd be asked out on for this awesome outfit.

Kristina P. said...

I thought you were so wealthy! Very cute stiff, however.

Shannon said...

I Love it! Can I please borrow the toilet necklace sometime?!

Terralee said...

I have to admit I was looking at this stuff thinking 'she didn't wear any of this stuff Sunday.' But I admit the necklace was pretty funny- do you think the lid opens?