June 25, 2009

Back to the Wilderness

I have been wanting to go camping for a few weeks now. I am not really sure where this desire came from. Generally I am not big into bugs, dirt, and no showers. I don't want to do the trailer thing. I want to have tents and sleeping bags. I am craving s'mores and fire roasted hot dogs weird I know. Can you see me around the camp fire singing kumbaya? (It's a funny thought)

I keep running into one problem. I can't find anyone who is available to go with me. Sad I know. I think part of the problem is that people are afraid. Afraid that I will want to leave after about oh say an hour. Afraid that I will get bored and they will have to entertain me, and afraid that I will get cold. I don't really blame them since that is true most of the time. Once I get cold, I am miserable. Me being miserable = everyone around me being miserable.

Friends and anyone else who wants to come, I make these promises:
  • To bring 2 books and a craft. When I get bored of the first book I will have a backup and when I get bored of the back up I will have a craft.
  • I have some awesome wool socks, I will make sure that they are packed. I may have to take a few days to find them since generally they are not June attire.
  • I will brush up on my dutch oven skillz. Right now my skillz consist of peach cobbler and chicken parmesan. You will be full and happy as long as you like your food a little on the blackened side!
  • If my dutch oven cooking fails I will bring pop tarts.
  • I will go ahead and book a room at the Marriot right now, since we all know that is where we will end up.


Kristina P. said...

Good luck!

I always love camping. Until I actually get there.

Amanda Sue said...

Steph I would LOVE to go camping. I just asked that it not be over the 4th of July. I love me some good camping. I don't know how to build a fire, but I'm sure you and I could figure it out. Lets go!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Chicken Parmesan in a dutch oven? Mike's dad is so into the skill. He regularly attends D.O.G.s (Dutch Oven Gatherings). I don't think this recipe is in his repertoire. Do share! And I hope you do host a campout even if it's in the back yard...

Kristin said...

I just can't get into camping, but I better figure out how cuz the hubs fam is outdoorsy and I know the little bambino is going to beg to go someday.

mylittlebecky said...

dude! i would totes go camping with you. chuck doesn't want to go when it's "too hot." pansy!

Anonymous said...

Camping is fun...for a few days. I am flying down to UT to go 'camping' with my family in a couple weeks. They are camping up Logan Canyon, and my boyfriend and I will join them during the day but will sleep in a hotel down the canyon. Cheating, I know, but still fun!