June 9, 2009

Today my heart is here

For those who dont know (Ok really everyone who reads this blog probably knows) I lived in New York for a year and a half as a missionary for my church. I have been home for 3 years. lately I find myself wishing I was there.
Some things I miss
  • Coco Helado
  • Canolis (You can't get good ones here)
  • Pizza
  • The people and hustle and bustle
  • The Subway, yes you read that right.
  • Central Park
  • The Met (the museum, not the baseball team)
  • Street Vendors
  • The Firemen, need I say more.
  • The Crazies
  • This list could go on forever.
I need a vacay there stat!

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Kristina P. said...

I had no idea you were a missionary there! I love NYC and am going July 16th with some girls I met from blogging!

I can't wait. Mr Softee, here I come!

Amanda Sue said...

Well.. I have never been and after reading this, I miss it too. I mean, Who wouldn't miss those fireman!! love ya!

The Smyth's said...

I agree 100% with EVERYTHING!! I think about NY at least once a day -- thanks for being a part of that memory :D

Priceless Grandma said...

We need to go, I would love to see NY and to share that with you

Jared and Tiffany said...

so I think you should go back and get a hottie of a fireman to date!!! I will come visit! also have you tried Kneaders Canolis?