March 31, 2011

To the fish in the sea

Dear Internet Dating Site Boy #1,
Your cheesy pick up line won't work on anyone over the age of 15. Think of a new approach and try again. You can do this...girls are not that scary (well most of the time they are not). Good Luck!
I'm happy to help, but it's never going to happen with me.

Dear Internet Dating Site Boy #2,
You're hot, smart, funny, and charismatic. Please ask me out already!
The girl who is patiently awaiting your next email.


reagan: said...

Yeah, please don't go out with guy #1! This is so exciting! It's kind of like the price is right, when you get to choose your showcase. chose wisely please...preferably one with jet skis and a condo in aspen ;)

Terralee said...

Your hilarious my dear, poor guy#1 what would he do without helpful people like you:)