April 1, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Maybe "Fun Fact Friday" was something that I made up on my way to work because I have nothing else to blog about, maybe it wasn't. Don't lie, I know you don't really care about my Stake Relief Society training last night. The one where all the wards except mine were given binders full of emergency preparedness plans...it's ok, we're single, we don't need to live...Will someone please feed my dog?

Regardless of how lame this post is you get know learn 8 (5 wasn't enough, ten was too many) random facts about me.

#1. I absolutely hate April Fools Day- Every year I wake up dreading it. I wonder how many fake babies are made and murdered each April 1st? It's a tragedy really...thousands of dead fake babies.

#2. Love sauerkraut on my hot dogs-I don't eat hot dogs all that often, when I do they are only all beef. Don't judge, I know you eat them too.

#3. I have never seen Star Wars-I don't plan on changing that either.

#4. I can say the ABC's backwards-Legitimately I will not just turn around and say them. That's what all the posers who want to be cool like me do.

#5. Some might say I am a rapper-While it is true I like to break it down with the boy bow-wow, I don't do free style...Ain't neva gonna happen.

#6. I LOVE broccoli-It's my favorite vegetable. It doesn't matter how it's cooked, or if it's cooked at all. I could eat it everyday!

#7. I have the fever-The Beiber Fever..Not really but I do have ONE song that may or may not be in my top 25 played list on itunes.

#8. I am the proud owner of a tuxedo t-shirt- This is for when I am feeling fancy. Nothing says, "I'm formal, but like to party" like a tuxedo t-shirt.

Well there you have it folks. Enjoy!!!


Reagan said...

I am glad you outed yourself as a beibster. It needed to be surfaced. And, yeah, why would they not give you emergency kits? because THAT's who should be multiplying and replenishing the earth apres a disaster. I mean come on! Fresh reproductive organs.

Terralee said...

My beiber fever count is up one more then yours! Evelyn knows them both almost word for word:) And I totally agree with the broccoli though I do perfer mine cooked, annnd maybe a little cheese...