October 4, 2007

Small Accomplishments

So part of my job is to plan retreats, lunch and parties for the marketing department. I might add that it is so fun! This can be very difficult because although you plan get it aproved and sign the contract it is not set it stone and sometimes has to be changed. When I say sometimes I mean always. It is just to be expected.

Well one of my current projects is a leadership retreat. We have chosen to do this retreat at the Sundance Resort. Well what they do is they don't charge you to rent the room you have $100 service charge and then you have to spend so much in food. The room the wasatch room is what we had chosen but I went up to look at it to see if it. Upon my arrival I met the sales manager who happens to be a very attractive person. This made the drive to Sundance worth every mile. So the next day when I got back to the office I promptly signed the contract.

Well a couple of days ago, I was told that we needed to change the date. I called him and he had to check with a group that had reserved the wasatch room but had not signed the contract, to see if they still wanted it. Well as luck would have it they did. So he offered me a different room. However, this room was much larger and more than double the $600 we were going to pay. He told me the price was $1800 but he would give it to me for $1500. This was a little more than we wanted to spend. I asked him if he had any thing else that we would be able to use and he said that this was the only thing available. He asked me what price would work for our budget. I got him to give it to us for $800. What he dropped the price $1000.

I am very proud of myself although pride is of the devil. :) This is one small thing for XanGo but one giant accomplishment for this administrative assistant.


Kalli Ko said...

you're such an over acheiver

Stephanie said...

Its all an act!