November 28, 2007

It's a wonderful life.

Today has been a great day so far and it is only 1pm in the afternoon. The reason being, I took today off. I just couldn't do it today. I needed some time to do nothing. Yesterday was a bad day and I just didn't want to face today. So I sent my boss an email and explained that I needed a personal day. Here is how it has gone down.

7:20 am - Sent said email
7:50 am- Received the go ahead
8:00 am- Ate a wonderful breakfast prepared by my equally wonderful roommate
8:30 am- Started the movie Hairspray
10:00 am- Finished Hairspray (it was so cute)
10:05 am- Crawled back in bed
10:06 am- Fell asleep
11:08 am- Received 2 emails at the same time which woke me up.
11:09 am- My mom called
11:11 am- Fell back asleep
12:15 pm- Woke up feeling energized (not quite as much as the bunny, but close)
12:20 pm- Got out of bed
12:25 pm- Went to the gas station to get a soda
12:30 pm- Wandered around Cheveron looking for a snack (I settled on Fritos Honey BBQ twists)
12:40 pm- Left Cheveron
12:45 pm- Arrived home
12:50 pm- Turned on computer
12:55 pm- Opened said snack and started eating
1:00 pm- Logged into blogger

The rest of the day I have no idea what I will do. I might get adventurous and clean out my closet. We will see. I hope you all enjoy your day!

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Kalli Ko said...

listen, your day is amazing due to the simple fact that you had honey bbq fritos. My favorite snack.