November 2, 2007

Yes I am alive!

So for the last week and a half I have had the walking plague! No joke it is a sickness like you would not believe. Finally yesterday I decided it was time to bite the bullet and go to the doctor. By the way I hate going to the doctor so I put it off until it is absolutely necessary. Well when I called my doctors office, I let them know that I have been sick for a week and a half, with out getting any better, as if my frog voice didn't say it all. The receptionist being chipper as ever said "you know Dr. Johnson has the day off and he is completely booked for tomorrow. We wouldn't be able to see you until next week. But you know there are colds going around". Umm hello I don't think she fully understood that I was sick either that or she is just and idiot. Plus, I was crossing my fingers that I would be better next week.

Anyways my friend told me while we were on the phone that she thought I should go to a doctor. She even offered to go with me, what a trooper. Thanks Amanda!! Oh by the way she also brought me soup and ice cream (fat free, it was delicious) earlier in the week. So we made the trek to the Orem Instacare. Great fun!! Really it wasn't too bad my wait was all of 5 minutes and the doctor was very nice. I had my first experience with a nebulizer yeah he gave me a breathing treatment apparently he knew the wheezing man voice wasn't normal (Maybe we should send that receptionist to talk to him) Anyways he let me know that I have a "viral infection that has been going around" Then he said that I was about half way done with it and I could expect to be sick for all of next week. OH JOY!!!!!

Anyways that is why I have been MIA from the blogging world. I have been dying. Well not really but you know what I mean. I did however want to give all of my fans (mom) a heads up on why there have been no updates on my adventurous life as of late. Stay tuned there is more to come. I haven't even share about convention. ;)

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