May 6, 2008

For my fans...

Ok so really I don't have fans but this is for you Reagan!

Warning when I cook I don't always use measurements.
Chicken Enchiladas (super easy)
4-5 chicken breasts1 large can cream of chicken soup
1 large container of sour cream
Mozzarella cheese
Small can diced green chili's (optional)

Boil chicken breasts and shred. In a large mixing bowl mix soup and sour cream (if your feeling adventurous and going to use the green chili's add them to this mixture). Take some of soup mixture and put in the bottom of a Pyrex pan, cake pan whatever you have. Then in one tortilla put as much shredded chicken as your heart desires along with cheese, as much as you would like again. Roll up like a burrito and put in pan, repeat until you run out of space or ingredients. Cover enchiladas with soup mixture and then top with mozzarella cheese. Cook on 350 for about 30 min, until warmed through and cheese is bubbly and brown. Serve warm.

Its really good if served with a green salad or rice and beans.


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Reagan said...

yay! thank you!!!!