March 10, 2008

Quick...Stacey, Clinton,, please!!!

Whoever let them leave the house like that should be shot!!!!

This man/boy's jacket is knee length and is totally made of fur.. I hope it is faux fur or a lot of animals would have had to die to make this mafia wannabes jacket. He was not a small man.

Once you graduate from fourth grade, you probably shouldn't wear pig tails anymore. Maybe that is just me. This picture didn't capture the full effect of the tragic outfit, but her skirt is on crooked as well.

And the grand prize goes to......
Yes her shirt is see through and she just happened to wear a black bra. She wore this to a concert, in public! Oh it's just so sad.

I would like to thank my blackberry for lending a hand and help me capture these priceless moments.


Reagan said...

Wow, #3 does take the cake, probably 3 whole costco cakes, 2 beers, and one of the guys from rascal flatts...were they missing the base player? just sayin. lol

Kalli Ko said...



Kari Lynne said...

You left a comment on my blog about the Flatts concert. What is seriously wrong with people.

The blogging world is so small Kalli is my cousin and Sharon from the Allen Tribe is a good friend. It's fun to see how people are connected.

Brandon said...

Hahaha All I could think was that bra was awesome!!!! lol. Scary what some people wear. I was wondering can you find me a fur coat like that man. Grr. I soooo want one. Where the heck was Peta when they could actually make a difference? Happy Birthday. I love you so much.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Where did you get these shots?! Love 'em. My favorite goes to Mother Russia's man in furrrr!