March 21, 2008


Ok so most of you know that I have been looking for a new place to live. Well the heavens have opened and I have found it. This little abode that I will soon call home is in Lindon. About 10 min north of where I am living now, close to the freeway and glorious!
10 min closer to work =10 min more of sleep = complete happiness

It is a 5-bedroom town house. There will be 5 girls that live there, all of whom I don't know. The town home is empty now because it is getting completely renovated. That's right new paint, new tile, hardwood floors, the works. Eat your heart out. It also has a gas fireplace corian counter tops, and a massive family room.

The best part is.... are you ready, this is really great. I will be in the master bedroom. That means the closet is huge, its a walk in closet, and is about 3 times the size of my closet now. The room is double the size of my room now. Its great I can't wait.
big closet = room for clothes and stuff= clean room = happy me!

I do need to buy some furniture though, so if any of you know of a place that sells cheap furniture, please let me know!

I feel like these girls... I want to do cartwheels of joy!


Reagan said...

YAYAYAYA! I am soooooooo stoked for you and your MASTER SUITE! Shoot darn! I want to come and see it when you're all moved in!

Kari Lynne said...

That is so great. I don't even know you personal and I'm so excited for you. IKEA has some fun and inexpensive furniture that I love so maybe try that.

Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Yay!! So happy for you! by the way I am totally digging your blog header. Any chance that I could use it on mine?? Hahahaha...but I'm really serious...hahah..hhaahaha...for real.

Shannon said...

ok, I did it. I totally used your same header. Hope you don't mind. :) Where did you get it?