May 8, 2009

The Dreaded Breakup

Dear Del Taco
We have had some what of an on again, off again relationship. You have been my loyal companion through many hard days. When you moved into your new place close to my work, you became a shoulder to lean on, and leaving my lunch at home was not such a big problem.

I fell in love with your chicken soft tacos quickly; they were only paving the way to my true love, fish tacos. I could always count on you to finish things off sweetly with a crispy delicious churro.

Alas our relationship can not continue. I will miss you, and everyday as I drive by my heart will long to be inside of your festively colored walls.

Go boldly into the future, it will treat you well.


Dear my beloved Coca-Cola

For as long as I can remember you have been there to give me sweet refreshment. To get me through when I didn't think I could make it. You have been a constant companion, and I will miss you greatly.


Dearest Chocolate

How I have loved you in all of your shapes and forms- milk, white, dark. I just dont understand how you could not love me back. You have caused me great pain as I have watched the numbers on my scale go up. This is it I am done, I just can't handle your abuse. You hid it so well pretending to be good for me. You have always been my secret indulgence, but the time has come to be true to myself.


I am starting a new weight loss program, this is causing me to break up with several of my favorite things. Wish me luck, it might be a rocky road to recovery.


Reagan and Jon said...

I guess I too must break up as well. since i am a social coke drinker. booooooo. boooooo boooo boooooo

Kristina P. said...

Diets suck!!

The Smyth's said...

That is awesome! I hear ya sista! I broke up with Coke last year... it was sad but you will feel GREAT!

Terralee said...

Good Luck, I loved your break-up letters - very moving!

Sarah said...

You are so cute. Good luck!!