February 6, 2008

Snow Snow go away!!!

Dont come back until Nov 15, 2008. That is the day that I will be able to deal with you again.

I am so sick of the snow I feel like I am living in a snowglobe, and the owners kid is having a hayday with it. The worst feeling in the world is when I wake up after a great nights sleep and I realize that it snowed during the night. I feel rushed because I know I have to go and scrap off my car, which can take a good 5 min at times. Then I have to make the trek into work. This is normally a 20 min drive however on snowy days people just forget how to drive. My normally semi-short drive is now turned into a 40-60 min drive. Don't get me wrong I dont mind going slow I actually prefer it in bad weather conditions. I just don't think it is necessary to stop in the middle of the freeway.

Anyways, I guess we are suppose to have another few weeks of this weather. Stupid ground hog. I will just bundle up and deal with it.

On top of all that I think I am getting seasonal affective disorder. I have just not been myself. Does anyone have any suggestions in dealing with this?


Reagan said...

Yes, I have a suggestion...let's go tanning tomorrow....get some fake bake. it will make us look better, and feel better. And in 20 years we will have cancer more than likely...but hey...it is worth it.

Kalli Ko said...

hey, that's the day before my birthday. I don't want snow for my birthday!

let's move to San Diego

Erincita said...

YES! Tanning is a sure-fire way to rid yourself of the winter-time blues! Let's go. I'm serious!

Terralee said...

I'm a little late in my comment but look on the bright side. What can you do while we have to wait out the snow? Have fun! Go Snowboarding, go sleding (Evelyn will join you in a heartbeat!), make a snowman or snow angel or a snow fort (Jeff built a pretty cool one in my parents front yard, it's pretty big)! Only one piece of advice while doing so, watch out for yellow snow! Love ya! And besides that just think about your forthcoming trips!