February 11, 2008

True Life...True Story

Ok its true, I have a little bit of a secret (I guess its not so secret now) obsession with MTV's True Life. For those of you not up to date on what this is I will give you a little background. Basically, its a documentary that follows 2-3 young people around to see how they deal with certain situations. The participants are dealing with the same thing, whether it be gay marriage activists, dealing with obesity, financial stress, young marriage, etc.

I love this show. Maybe its the spy in me. I find myself getting upset at them and telling them things that they could do that would make it easier. However, they don't ever listen to me. I found this blessed show by channel surfing. I started watching half of an episode and then lucky me there was another one on, and then another one. I think that it was a marathon. Well since then whenever I sit down to watch TV (which really isn't all that often) I look to see if it is on, and if it is a little bit of my heart is filled with joy... thats right MTV True Life, you complete me!

1 comment:

Reagan said...

Steph, we should have a "true-life" party...because I too suffer from addiction to this show...I liked the one about the fat kids a while back...going to fat camp...not gonna lie, I wanted to go! LOL