February 5, 2008

Happy Fat Tuesday

So I always equate Fat Tuesday with a girls gone wild video. I am not sure why. I think it is all those episodes of Cops that I watched as a youngster. In which the girls go topless and the cops ride around on horses. For some reason I have a very vivid memory of Snoop Dogg at one of the party houses there. Anyways this very important lesson in the ways of Mardi Gras came in handy one day. It went down like this. I was asked to help out with the Rape Crisis Centers silent auction one year at La Caille. When we were done with registration etc, we sat down to eat. Two of the girls were planning a trip to Louisiana to participate in the Mardi Gras celebrations. I always thought this would be fun, but my dad has strictly forbidden it. I now understand why. Well one girl her name was Mindy she made the comment that she was so excited to go, and she was going to go and buy some new bras so she could flash people on the street. After choking on my water, I was able to let her know that um the girls that do that don't wear bras. Because of my education from the Fox network I was able to save this little Utah girl from some major embarrassment.

Here are some real facts about Fat Tuesday.
  • It always occurs the day before ash Wednesday
  • Celebrations go until midnight on Tuesday and then Lent starts
  • It is 47 days before Easter (my favorite holiday)
  • For two centuries it has been an annual event in New Orleans, except during the 2 world wars
*I am sure there are many more fun facts that I could find and share with you all, but I should probably do some real work today.*


Reagan said...

Girls gone wild? Gef, are you telling me you watch that tripe?

Terralee said...

What an interesting memory, you make me laugh! Anyways yes good thing you saved her! By the way I love the music you have playing let me know what it is! ok! Love ya! How's life been, looks pretty "suite" to me!

Kaakun said...

I'm sure venereal disease out breaks spike shortly after this blessed event...

Flashing people a new bra... Oh Utahans... when will they learn.

Kalli Ko said...

i earn my beads the street way