September 27, 2007


Do you ever have those days where you just don't want to do anything? I think I am having one of those 2 weeks. My friend and I refer to this as having a depression, because you are not super depressed and it won't last forever, it is just a temporary thing. In this case a couple of weeks long.

I just feel like I have no motivation to do anything. I go to work and then I go home. It seems like the only thing I do at home is sit and do nothing. Yesterday I took a nap, then I watched the premiere of Private Practice. Yeah I lead an exciting life.

I think that the thing that makes me mad is that I am on this so called sabbatical. I say that this is from dating, but really it is for a lot of things, not just that. I have all these plans of things that I am going to do while I am on this sabbatical to make my life happier. I am frustrated that I haven't accomplished these goals. I know it is my own fault. I just need to snap out of this. I just don't know how, and it is making me mad!

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