September 21, 2007

Life Lessons

So yesterday I left work early because I haven't been feeling all that well. I decided that I was going to rent a movie and watch it at home. Oh my goodness I rented the best movie. One of the best that I have seen in a really long time. It was called The Ultimate Gift, or maybe just Ultimate Gift. Either way you will know what it is. The lead Jason is played by Drew Fuller - such a hottie!

This movie taught me so much. I laughed and I cried and all around I felt good when I watched it. I even went so far as telling him to run. Yeah like he could here me, and my little "run Jason run" was going to help. Nevertheless, I still felt the need to tell him to run. I guess its a psychological thing.

Basically its about this man and when his wealthy grandfather dies, in order for him to receive his inheritance he has a series of things to do. These things are actually gifts. You watch him transform into an amazing person. The 12 gifts he received are amazing and priceless. They are:

1. The Gift of Work
2. The Gift of Problems
3. The Gift of Friends
4. The Gift of Giving
5. The Gift of Gratitude
6. The Gift of Family
7. The Gift of Learning
8. The Gift of Money
9. The Gift of Laughter
10. The Gift of a Day
11. The Gift of Dreams
12. The Gift of Love

I also want to add one more of my own that I thought of while I was watching this movie.

13. The Gift of Life..To often this is taken for granted.

These are gifts that we all have in our lives. Who doesn't have the gift of problem? We all have days and dreams and love, hopefully we have gratitude. I think one of greatest gifts that we can have is to be able to appreciate all of these gifts. When we realize that we have them, and that they are gifts. When we begin to use them, we are then changed into the person that we were meant to be, and that is the best gift of all.

Go rent this movie you wont regret it!

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Kalli Ko said...

good post steph, I will go rent this