September 28, 2007

Rest In Peace Sprinkles

Last night I had a life changing experience, I watched my very first episode of "The Office" It was love at first sight. I just love these characters and I think that it is partly because I work in an office.

It was great how Pam downloaded porn at work, way to go Pam. It almost goes hand in hand with the stripper they hired to collect the giant check. Also I loved Jim when he took his shirt off and said "oh I am sorry is this a working office, and not a french beach" Awesome that Dwight killed sprinkles. I feel so bad for Sprinkles having to endure a life full of sickness. I certainly hope that her next 8 lives are more joyful.

We were all taught a very important lesson that Satan is the master of lies and everything he says is the opposite. I hope that they find the head of a monkey with antlers of a reindeer and a body of a porcupine. Oh I guess that is not necessary because the curse was broken with rabies. FYI I support the rabid. I wish there was a way for me to do more for those who suffer from the horrible diseases of rabies. Those poor 4 people who die each year, that is an outrageous number.

I am forever grateful to those friends of mine that introduced me to this goodness. My life has been forever changed.

P.S. I am not superstitious I am a littlestitious

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