January 24, 2008

Blogging Buddies

My friend Reagan has recently joined the ranks of many in an attempt to win the "Blogging Buddy of the Year" award. This years contest is held by KIRK. This is pure genius, and although I don't know KIRK personally I now admire him for his ingenuity, and wish to know him.

This year I solemnly support Reagan Florence in her quest to become KIRK'S number one blogging buddy. Reagan is a great friend and will do anything for anyone. She has become the best lunch buddy and I know that if KIRK ever needs anything he can count on this little feisty girl. She will fight until the death for something she believes in (don't get her started on politics) she is loyal to her friends and the beloved University of Utah.

That is why I solemnly declare full support and nomination to Reagan Florence for KIRK'S the winner of this contest.

Because KIRK is smart he will vote for Reagan, and because he loves the country and the way of life. I know this because he has come up with this awesome contest.

*the previous message was paid for by the Vote For Reagan '08 Campaign. (We do not buy votes, we win them)


Reagan Florence said...

I hereby accept this nomination and declare I will do my best as the caucus rep for Stephanie Price. Thank you!

Reagan Florence said...


Kaakun said...

Because of that, you are added into the links.

Find the right mixture of blogging and buddying up and you too may become a bloggin buddy.

Kalli Ko said...

wow, and we don't have too much time on our hands, I swear.