January 13, 2008

To date or not to date.

So here are some questions every girl should ask herself before she agrees to a second date with any man.

  • If while you are sleeping on the couch your date asks you if you would have his first illegitimate child, does this man deserve to ever see you again?
  • If your date gives you a shotgun shell at the end of the date to remember him by (what is he going to go use the rest of the box to kill himself?) , does he deserve a second date?
  • If he borrows your blingin earrings to wear in his family portrait, should you see him again, or count the earrings as a loss?
  • If your date scratches your ears and stomach to fill the void of not having a dog, should you go out with him again?
  • If you date has been visited by the three nephites, should you agree to see him again, or call the local psych ward?
  • If you were left to watch a movie in a theater by yourself because you date got "lost" on the way back from the bathroom, should you agree to go out with him again?
  • If your date calls you a lesbian, will he get to go out with you again?
  • If the guy you are out with tells you, he is recently divorced but he is going to write a book on the way women think, should you trust his judgmen?. It's not like he has had a lot of success in this department. (I don't see this book on the New York Times bestseller list)
  • If your date calls his mother while you are at dinner, do you want to pursue this relationship?

These things have happened to me or to my close friends. I am beginning to wonder if it is the guys who has the problem, or us? Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


Dani & Bryan said...

Definitely, DEFINITELY!! They are the ones with the problems! I was reading them thinking, oh dear these must be like a made up forward or something that was sent to you until I got farther down and remembered some of those things happening to you! AH!! Just keep looking, seperate the wheat from the chaff, and there are good ones still out there to find! Don't give up...but I wouldn't blame you if you did!! :)

Kris10 said...

I can't believe those are real!! HOLY COW!!!

Kalli Ko said...

it's both. They are the idiots, and women are at fault for entertaining the idiots in the first place.

It's a vicious cycle.

Reagan Florence said...

Ummm...I believe the answer to all of the questions is a giant HELL NO. Love ya! And there are some weirdos out there.

Brandon said...

Ha. Ha. I can't believe any of those things happened. Man you do have bad luck. Good Luck trying to find a decent one between the the ear scratcher (could be habit) and the one who got lost ( I passed this buttered popcorn stand before I swear, weird.) Hahaha love ya.

Jenna Kae said...

get real! did all of these thing really happen? that's awful...